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Current Rate:

  • 1 hr $150 (1 hour sessions are for individual sessions or events within1 10/15 minutes of 60630) 

  • 1.5 Hr $225 (10-15 faces) 

  • 2 Hr $300 (15+ faces)

  • $75 Each Addition 30 minutes

  • $50 to upgrade to Water Resistant 

  • $50 to upgrade to Balloon twisting

  • $15 for Each Additional 15 miles outside of 60630(Or over 45 min drive *City Traffic is included) 

  • *Please Indicate If you are Inquiring/Booking Face Painting, Water Resistant Face/Body paint, Balloon twisting and if you would like to add Glitter Tattoos.

Insurance and Paints:

I am Insured Through Beauty and Bodywork.

I use the following Face Paint Products : Fusion Body Art, Superstar, Kraze Fx, Silly Farm Art cakes and Arty Brush Cakes, Mehron paradise and edge, Tag, Diamond Fx.
I buy from ,,

How To Safely Remove Face Paint

  1. Use Soap, water and cloth to remove.

  2. Massage soap into lather

  3. Work into painted design avoiding the eyes

  4. Wipe access paint with washcloth

  5. Rinse with warm water

  6. Repeat as necessary

  7. Avoid keeping paint on overnight.

  8. If paint stains the skin use a bit of olive oil, Baby oil or makeup remover.

Removal of Water Resistant paint

Water resistant paint CANNOT be removed with water instead:

   1. Wipe off with oil, makeup remover or lather liquid soap 1st.

   2. Rinse with water or use a towel to lather and wipe off.

   3. If there is some paint left completely dry and repeat.
Here is a video directly from ProAiir on how to remove the makeup:

Glitter Tattoo Care

  • Your glitter Tattoo can last anywhere from 3-7 days. 

  • Glitter Tattoos are waterproof but will weaken with prolonged water exposure.

  • To Help your Glitter Tattoo Keep be sure to avoid rubbing alcohol, oil or lotion onto it. 

  • To Remove your Glitter Tattoo you can use alcohol swabs, lotion or oils. Allow to soak, scrub and remove.

Additional Info

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to me.

**Check out this awesome blog from

if you scroll to the designs towards the bottom you will see my tiger and unicorn design. woo hoo.

* Please Note Designs may change depending on how many faces need to be painted, age range of those need to be painted as well as cooperation of those in my chair.

*the amount per hr/half hr can change depending on design complexity and amount of faces needing to be painted.

Thank you for considering Colors Of The Wind Face Painting for your next Occasion.

Be Blessed

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